Quiltathon Report

Yesterday I got three main pieces of the CatWalk top done.  Although the instructions are good with plenty of pictures and hints I still had some trouble getting to this point.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like when it’s finished.


All the pieces are cut using paper templates that are included with the pattern. Thursday afternoon I started cutting the shapes out of the strip sets I made.  The strip sets were 1/4 inch too narrow.  Ugh! I had to walk away from the sewing room, because my first thought was “you have to rip and re-sew all those sets”  of course, my second thought was “no there must be some way around that”.  After a bit, the solution came to me, I needed to cut the templates down 1/8 of an inch, on all sides.  That way they would be the same width of my strip sets and still proportionate to each other.  Good thing they were all straight sided.

The cutting for this quilt is simple, there are diagrams on how to lay the templates out to get the best use of the strip sets.  I was going along carefully placing the papers and cutting them, when I must have gotten distracted.  When I realized, I had cut four triangles instead of four Parallelograms.  Almost had to take a break again, LOL.  Luckily for me the kit included enough yardage to make another strip set.  Disaster averted, or rather UFO status denied.  The rest of Friday I organized the pieces into piles and labeled them.  The moral here is measure twice, recheck template required, make sure fabric is  in correct gradation and THEN cut.  Also, if you are so inclined to make this quilt, scant 1/4 inch seams are a must.

Yesterday I started sewing them together, and every thing fit nicely together.  You start by making the center star then add to it to make a hexagon.  Next you take two more stars and make them into top sections.  Being comfortable with inset and Y seams is a skill needed for this design.  That’s where I stopped for the night.

Today, I would like to get the two side pieces and two bottom pieces together.  Just in time for Design Wall Monday.

Linking up with Judy for January Quiltathon Day 4 today, hope you are sewing along too!

10 thoughts on “Quiltathon Report

  1. Liz says:

    Great recovery and much better than resewing all of those strip sets! I was wondering about the name of the pattern until I looked at it again and got the reference. The colors are beautiful.

    • Its not that hard, the instructions are very well written and there aren’t that many seams to match. The colors in the kit are what attracted me first.

  2. The joy of quilting is that recoveries from “oops!” become “design decisions”. No harm, no foul because in the end it is a very beautiful top!

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