UFO’s for 2017

I’m thinking abut joining Judy at Patchwork times for a UFO Challenge.  I don’t think I have that many (12) we’ll see.  I’ll list them here and if I can figure out how to make a tab for them, I’ll list them there too.

From oldest to newest:

  1. Blue throw finish piecing etc.
  2. Guatemalan fabric finish piecing etc.
  3. Dragon quilt finish quilting embellishing etc.
  4. Garden Sampler needs quilting/binding
  5. Bertie’s year needs quilting/binding
  6. Catkin mystery needs quilting/binding
  7. 365 Batik block quilt 270 blocks to go…
  8. Coxcomb Medallion needs quilting/binding
  9. Fire Island Hosta needs quilting/binding
  10. Rubies Diamonds and Garnets needs quilting/binding
  11. Shelia needs quilting/binding
  12. Growing up Odd needs quilting/binding
  13. Farmers Wife needs sashing, quilting/binding

Hmm, thats 13, I’m not including three current projects of Gravity, Fancy Forest and En Provence, nor the two kits I have waiting to start. The 365 Batik Quilt is a block a day quilt that I started last January. I think I should do a bit of it every month to finish it.  I could probably find one or two more if I dig really deep into the cabinet of stuff.  The first one listed is at least ten years old, the last, Farmers wife, I finished the blocks this past September.  Most just need quilting/binding, now that I am done with the craft fair items and stock quilts for my “coming soon” Etsy store I’ll have more time to quilt them.  I think I’ll post photos when or as they are done.