Challenging Choices

For the past six years I have participated in Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville mystery.  Each year I would make my own challenge to go with the mystery.  The first few years my challenge was to use her techniques and keep up with the group.  The next few years I challenged myself to use her color ways and only my stash. Sometimes I really didn’t like the color ways chosen, but I persevered and ended up liking the resulting quilt.  When this years color way was announced I thought it was nice but not what I really wanted to work with.  I thought that it would be my challenge this year to use my own color way.  Then I found this pretty magenta print for my constant and pulled solids for the rest of the quilt.  The first clue came out and it was for neutral 4 patches.  I started to rethink my color way, thought it was boring and that the resulting quilt would be flat.  Then someone on the Quiltville Yahoo group started a thread about making it in half size.  Now that would be a challenge for me.  I would follow Bonnies color way, but half size it.  Funny thing is that even though the pieces are smaller, they take just as much time to cut and sew together.


Here is my triangle in a square, it is 2 inches unfinished. Bonnies are 3 ½ inches unfinished.   I have 40 done so far, I’ll finish them up later this week.  The 221 neutral four patches are cute as well. The En Provence mystery is on her blog Quiltville’s Quips and Snips!!

I have been quilting and binding the last three quilts I made for the Craft faire tomorrow.  The Sprinkles quilt came out pretty cute, I used a pantograph of circles and a poly batting.  Used up the last of the 2 ½ inch strips of 30’s fabric for the binding.


I am looking forward to making quilts for me again in the coming weeks.  This last month I have really been pushing myself the finish the for-sale quilts.  I have been learning all the new things that my computerized quilter can do.  Today was the first day in 10 days I didn’t quilt on it.   I have 32 quilts to bring with me to the Faire – hope to sell a few!

I am going to finish my Gravity and Fancy Forest quilts along with the Farmers Wife quilt in the new year, plus En Provence.  So much for not being busy.


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