Monday, today


My design wall is the same as last week, that little quilt top has been marinating up there all week.  Truthfully it has been shedding blocks like a tree sheds leaves, but I pinned them all on and it now looks like a wilted tree.  I’m looking forward to the Craft fair sale, as the prep for it has been using up all my time.  I’ve got lots of quilty ideas in my head waiting to break out.  Plus I really would like to finish my Galaxy and Fancy Forest quilts.

Today is inventory day for me.  My good friend is coming over to help me get my sale quilts and items priced and ready for the Craft/Art Fair, December 4th.  I’ve been working diligently on increasing it, I quilted two small tops yesterday, and got 3 more bound and ready a few days ago.  Plus got all the pillows stuffed and done.  Pricing things is tough though.  My DH tells me not to cheat myself, I’m well aware of the costs involved with creating a quilt, he doesn’t really know the half of it.  Which is good, as my stash is extensive.  We all know that if we charged by the hour, people would look once and walk away, too expensive.  Even if I charged the current minimum wage, 10.00/hour in CA, a small baby quilt would be close to 400.00, add in fabric, thread, batting, wear and tear on machines, close to 500.00.  Around here, professional/artisans get upwards of 25.00/hour, so that price point is not going to fly either.  I’m thinking of taking the Long-armers approach to pricing, by the square inch.  I’ve looked on Easy and Ebay and prices are all over the place for non-art quilts.  Small basic 4 patch quilts can be under a hundred and up to two hundred and fifty.   Now to figure out how to display them in a 10′ x 10′ area.

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