2 From 1 Continued

A few weeks ago I posted about a top I had made from a pattern called Piccadilly Circus.  I had made smaller Dresden fan blades with the “between” pieces of the strip pieced base as I cut for the PC top.  I was searching Google for a way to use these resulting plates when I came upon an antique Mennonite quilt image which used the fans in arcs surrounding a whole one.  The best part was that I figured out I could use the five fans I had made along with some of the 10″ squares of coordinating fabric I had.  I ended up with a very scrappy looking top (center), a full fan/plate for the backing and only two fan blades left over.


This week I finished quilting the red and white Storm at Sea I had been working on.  I still need to trim and bind it, I can’t decide whether to use red or white for the binding.  I was even thinking I may use black or grey, I feel it needs something to confine all that motion.  I got four more quilts bound this week too, YAY!  Machine sewn binding is my preferred method, I seldom do hand stitching on the back.  I don’t mind hand stitching, but these bindings would have taken days rather than hours.

In other news I got the robotic system for my long-arm this past weekend.  I spent most of yesterday updating my frame and installing the mechanisms.  Today I am hoping to get the PC up and running and all the wires and connections done.  Usually this is done by the dealer, however I got a good deal, and it didn’t include installation.  I totally understand why they charge for installation, as it is a very involved and a step by step install.  At one point I had the whole thing dismantled down to the bare frame.  The dealer was telling me “if you can make a quilt, you can do this.” Hmm, I think my years of experience assembling Swedish furniture was more helpful.  Maybe I should tell him “If you can clean up your whole sewing studio, then dismantle a quilt and put it back together sucessfully, you can do this.”

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