Are free to fly, Fly away, Bye Bye.  From the Elton John song, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”.  It comes into my head when I work on this quilt, I may even name it that.  There was a movie/book by the same name once, back in the 70’s?  I designed this layout for it, sort of random placement of patch blocks and appliqué butterfly blocks.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the pattern that came with the cutting die.  Note my high tech pencil graphic on my design table.  I used this as a map to make up the 16 piece blocks of the batiks I used for the butterflies.  I used the Bonnie Hunter webbing method of construction for them, it was very satisfying to have them all come out right.


This week I plan on getting some bindings done.  I finished quilting the “Lombard Street” quilt and the Thicket quilt, and there are at least three others that need binding waiting in a basket.  Busy work, and Bertha is telling me she needs a “spa day”, (servicing prompt) I checked the machine log and she has sewn over 3,500,000 stitches since the last tune up.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a prompt like that, Spa day needed?  Seems like all I have is a “Check Engine” light LOL. IMG_2032


Above is Lombard Street, I used a Poly-batt so it is extra thick and cushion-y.  I also used new to me Magna-tec pre-wound bobbins for this quilt.  With Superior Kimono Silk on  the top, the machine stitching looks very nice, balanced on the back and front, with no tension fiddling required.  I need to get some more colors of them, all I have is off white for now.  Lastly I quilted the Thicket quilt this week, I used a pantograph with swirling leaves and curls.  This is a shot of the quilting on the backing, I used Superior’s So Fine on the top and in the bobbin with Warm and Natural batting.


No pictures of the front yet, sorry!  Next week, along with some shots of the Generally French quilt, which is on the frame now.

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