I dislike when people start their blog entry with an excuse for not blogging as regularly or as often as they might.  I did have a nice vacation in Oregon though.


Great Coffee shop/book store in Gold Beach Oregon.

This week I finished the Hedgehog quilt for my doggie friend, his birthday is the 10th.  I did a little more piecing on my French General Quilt, and a few rows on the prism quilt.  These two quilts need better names, they just haven’t come to mind yet.

This week I need to catch up on Farmers wife blocks, Gravity blocks and finish the French General top. There may be enough time this week as my outside obligations are light.

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Little bits

Little bits of progress.  I don’t have much to show for the past weeks workings.  I finished the Blackbird quilt (One in Every Crow(d)) and it is now hanging over my stairwell.  I received my Sailrite machine and set it up, its heavy and pretty simple to operate.  Couldn’t sew with it though as I was waiting on a delivery of proper upholstery thread and a few different sizes of needles for it.  Maybe this week I’ll get started on the chair cover.


I have been steadily making four patches and squares for the French General quilt.  I’m awaiting delivery on a few more FQs to finish those.  It needed a bit more variety, isn’t that always the way?  You start out trying to use up what you have for a stash quilt, but then there isn’t enough contrast or yardage.  With this quilt I tried to buy just enough to finish it.  I have a bunch of left over fabric from my El Camino quilt, because of the same issue with not enough variety, or yardage.  I over-bought with that quilt, whole yards where a FQ would do.  I still like the fabrics, and I am trying to come up with a design to use them in.

This week I also worked on my Fancy Forest BOM.  I am almost done with the eight Hazel Hedgehog blocks.  I also made a large Hazel (24 ” x 30″) for a friend.  She has a small dog that likes to play with stuffed hedgehog toys.  I thought it would be a cute quilt-let for him to sleep on.  I’d like to get the blocks done for my Gravity BOM too, maybe later today.

I finished the quilting on Postcards from Sweden, I used the lipstick pink version of Tula Pinks “Freefall” on the back, its a very bright and cheery quilt.  It needs a binding, I’m thinking gray or brown as I feel it needs to be framed some how.

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Design Table

I have not put up a design wall yet.  I would like one, really, I need one.  But I’m afraid my idea for hanging a piece of flannel from a curtain rod just won’t be feasible.  I keep picturing the blocks falling off the (wavey) flannel unless they are pinned on.  Other ideas I’m working through include velcro-ing a flannel backed table cloth to the closest door.  Small but it may work out.  I don’t have enough room for a collapsable type wall, and putting it in another room would mean getting up and walking across the hall in order to adjust or add to it.  Although, once DS goes back to school, I may get my flannel covered pink insulation boards out and hang them in his room.  We’ll see.  Here’s what is on my design table this week.


I saw this quilt on Pinterest, done in French General prints (Moda) reds, beige, and off- white four patches and solid squares.  I fired up my old PC and used EQ7 to draft this simple pattern.  I had two small fat quarter packs of French General plus some yardage and a few other pieces in my stash of reds that coordinated well.  There are 576 four inch squares that make up this top, I’m about half way done.  The four squares are lined up on the diagonal by combination, so some block/fabric combos I needed 24 of others only 5.  I guess it could be done as “scrappy” but what attracted me to it was the uniformity of the rows, how they sort of blend but also have a definite pattern.  Plus I could bust some stash.

In quilt finishes this past week, I was productive.  Got El Camino off the frame and into the binding pile (see previous post) and quilted the second baby quilt “Daybreak” for the July baby due at my DH’s office.  The twins aren’t due until October, so I have time, and I don’t know if they are boy and/or girls yet.

I used a pretty teal Minkee on the back, so soft and cuddly. I also used the scraps from the top to bind it by machine.

I quilted my BlackBird quilt too.  It’s from a pattern by Lorna McMahon at Sew fresh Quilts.  I’m calling mine “There’s one in Every Crow(d)”.  I pulled the backing from my stash and placed the extra crow on the back.  There are 43 birds in this quilt, which coincides with my lucky number, so it’s a lucky quilt!  I still have to bind it, maybe later today.

Lastly in the finished pile are my Farmers Wife Blocks.  I forgot to post last weeks blocks, here are all four;  Patience, Patricia, Peony, and Pharlemia.  The Peony block is one of my favorites, lots of pieces, partial seams and even Y seams all in a 6 ½ inch block, challenging.  82 blocks done and 17 more to go, Yay!

I’m linking up with Judy today at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.

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