Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Well, forty-one blackbirds and one bluejay baked in a pie.  I finished the Blackbird top this morning.  It’s from a pattern by Lorna McMahon at Sew fresh Quilts.  Hers is called Blackbirds and features a red accent bird.  I used blue for mine because we don’t have any red birds around here, plenty of Stellar’s Jays though.  This was a fun quilt to put together, all straight line sewing and easy cutting.  The tough thing was that there are 42 of the birdies.  I made do with chain piecing and ironing and cutting.  I’m a “process quilter” I enjoy the repetition and streamlining of the block making process.  Plus having a great audio-book to listen to makes it go quickly.


This week I also completed two more Farmers Wife blocks, Nellie and Old Maid (which reminds me of two seahorses).

I am hoping to get to re-covering my arm chair this weekend, finishing El Camino and making two more Farmers Wife blocks.  The blackbird quilt was a distraction, I really like it though!  I was thinking of calling it “One in Every Crow(d)”.

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5 thoughts on “Four and Twenty Blackbirds

  1. Heide says:

    The black bird quilt is wonderful, love that blue bird. The Old maid square does look like two seahorses, LOL!

  2. Jayne Honnold says:

    For a “distraction” quilt, you have quite a nice little beauty, there. And I love the fun name you thought of 😉. I’ve made 53 blocks for my FW quilt and they await some insiration for setting them together. Yours done in 30s prints look great!

    • Thanks! I am trying to decide on a setting for the FW blocks too. I’ve done 79 so far, and I am leaning towards an apple green sashing with assorted 30’s cornerstones.

  3. Love your birds!! I have cardinals all over the place, so I would choose a red bird! Those birds are all precious! I love the various fabrics for your birds. There is a lot of “motion” in their bodies because of the prints. You are a busy quilter!

    • Thanks, all the fabric for the birds was from stash, the blue Essex linen was purchased new. I was hoping to get some movement from the prints, some of the parts look like I planned the placement, but it was serendipitous. 🙂

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