Lombard Street

This week I worked on a top made from a pattern called “Lombard Street” by Sassafras Lane.  It is foundation paper pieced.  This is the smallest size about 34 x 46 inches.  I haven’t driven up or down Lombard street in San Francisco, I have walked up it though.  It’s very pretty when the Hydrangea bushes are in flower.  I used about half of a layer cake (Little Ruby) and 3 yards of Caribbean Bella solid.  There are 100 blocks, each with 5 pieces, this little quilt was labor intensive.  I used some wash-away paper that I had for about half the blocks and regular printer paper for the rest.  I liked the wash away, as it was easier to tear away, but I didn’t get to wash it away as the regular paper would have made a mess.  Not sure how I want to quilt this,  diagonal lines, or something graphic, have to think on it.


This week I want to finish the quilting on the El Camino quilt.  I am about 3/4’s of the way through it, and I need to get the next baby quilt done soon (July due date) .   Plus there are two more Farmers wife blocks to make, almost forgot about those.

I ordered a bunch of fabric this week for two more quilts I’d like to make.  The first is one I saw recently on the Moda fabrics blog.  It uses four patches and squares in a diagonal set.  I have a bunch of fat quarters of French General fabrics that will look great in this.  The second is a cute pattern called “Blackbirds” that I got recently from Sew Fresh Quilts.  Lorna McMahon has a bunch of cute animal themed quilt patterns, you might have seen her “Dog Quilt”, I really like the squirrel one too for some reason.  I got some Essex fabric in a pretty blue for the background of that one.  I liked using it for the Pointy quilt I did recently, and I’m using it in the Fancy Forrest BOM.  Wow, lots of animal quilt blocks going on here.  I made the eight Bunnies this month, next up are the owls ( I think).

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Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  My design wall is in my mind this week!

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  1. I love red and turquoise together. Your top is beautiful! I’m not a fan of paper piecing, so I am very impressed with this!

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