Ninety-nine nine patch blocks made, so far.  I think I need 209, and a bunch of half-sies to make the quilt I have in mind.  Do you remember Agent 99 from “Get Smart”?  She always was smarter than Maxwell Smart.


I worked on my Farmer’s Wife blocks too.  Two are from last week, and I made four this week.  Only 24 more to go, it seems like the next few are quite simple, there is even a nine patch.

I worked a bit on the chair project.  I needed to strip the legs and arm trim of the old, yellowing finish.  I got some walnut stain for it and hope I can get the wood parts done this week.  I noticed that the some of the springs in the seat are loose and need to be retied.  This poor chair really is getting a total makeover.

I got my Allietare quilt back on the frame, after I finished it I took it off and realized I had a blank spot where I missed a motif.  It should only take about ten minutes of stitching to fix, as always the prep takes longer than the fix.  I think I’m going to quilt the next-up baby quilt (July due date) and then get El Camino back up and finish it.

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  1. I loved Get Smart! And I agree… Agent 99 was the brains behind the operation! 😀 Making 9 patch blocks is so relaxing. Your Farmer’s Wife blocks are beautiful.

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