Still here

Truthfully, things have not been still at all here, rather busy.  Isn’t that the way though, you start a simple project and it snowballs into a multifaceted tangent-full job.  The flow of this job began simply enough move sewing room to unused upstairs bedroom.

  1. Empty unused bedroom into master bedroom.
  2. Notice wood floor looks like a herd of buffalo went over it.
  3. Decide to refinish floors in two bedrooms and hallway.
  4. Empty second bedroom into master bedroom.
  5. Start to empty sewing room.
  6. Notice that the buffalo have also been dancing on the floor in there too.
  7. Add that room and adjoining room on to the list for refinishing.
  8. Contract with flooring guys to do upstairs one week and downstairs the next.
  9. Empty sewing room and adjacent room contents into family room and outside under deck.
  10.  Hope it doesn’t rain that week, it does.
  11. Move furniture and stuff around to avoid dripping water.
  12. Floors take a day longer to dry because of rain.
  13. Move sewing things into room (rearrange at least three times).
  14. Move Bedroom things back into respective room.
  15. Decide to have area rugs cleaned while they are rolled up and not in use.
  16. When refinishers are done downstairs, decide that the former sewing room needs painting.
  17. Decide on paint colors, buy paint and realize that even though its a small room, every thing needs at least two coats of paint including the ceiling.
  18. Move things back into adjacent room (includes over 2000 CD’s).
  19. Go to Boston for three days.
  20. Finish Painting room (this took about ten days to do).
  21. Move furniture into it.
  22.  Get rugs back, hang some curtains and art work.
  23. Contemplate what to do with multiple boxes of stuff left in master bedroom.

That concludes a month of remodel fun.

I did work a bit on quilting “El Camino” and got a backing together for a baby quilt.  I may have to take El Camino off the frame, and quilt the baby quilt as the recipient is due eminently.  And, I made two more Farmer’s Wife blocks.

These are Mrs. Fay and Mrs. Brown.  Mrs. Fay had 12 Y seams, thankfully Mrs. Brown was less fiddle-y.  I am up to blocks 69 and 70 this week, only 29 more.  I have decided on a sashing and border fabric of 1930’s apple green.

More sewing and quilting ahead, really, I’m looking forward to it!