Still sewing

This week I’m working on restoring my sewing room.  I’ve got everything in the room, but it needs some finesse, and a bit more tweek-ing to make it “work” well.  I am trying to work out a design wall, there are only two walls in the room that would be suitable as the other two are all window and closet.  I’m thinking of using a curtain rod hung up over the closet doors.  Then using clip rings to hang a piece of flannel from the rod.  I may add some drapery weights to the flannel to keep it from getting wavy, or better yet, I may sew a rod pocket in the bottom of it.  Still working out the logistics.

I made my four Farmers wife blocks this past week and figured out how to square up the Daybreak quilt top.  If you’re familiar with this pattern, it has you leave the hexagon blocks as they are on the top and bottom of the quilt.  Resulting in points, which looks okay on the larger versions, but I think on the small size that they look unfinished.  I figured out that if you cut a 5 ½” by 10 ½” rectangle in half diagonally, you’ll get the perfect triangular piece to make a column straight edged.IMG_1712

The whole floor refinishing/room moving project was and is a bit more than I thought it would be.  I still have the moving of things to do, more storing of things to do and another trip to the dump.  I feel like I’m living in half my house, and the other half is still boxed up.  We are planning a big kitchen remodel in the next year or so, I am already having trouble wrapping my mind around that.  Having watched too many remodeling shows on TV probably doesn’t help, they make it look so easy and finish it all in a half an hour.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.