Blocked and finished

Tuesday night I finished my Hitofude sweater.  The last rows seemed like they were double in length from the starting point.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures of it, because this yarn really looks so much better after blocking.  The ombre effect of the yarn is a little more subtle in person.  I enjoyed making this cardigan, just enough lace and shaping to keep it interesting.  I was able to use stash yarn, and with a few additional rows added to the arm width, it fits me too, always a plus.

The new sewing room received its third and final coat of polyurethane yesterday which means I can move in on Saturday.  Yay!  Things have not really progressed with the emptying of the downstairs room since Wednesday.  I emptied out my old sewing room, but my husbands office/tv/media room is untouched.  Today is the day for that, probably tomorrow too.  UGH.  There are over 1000 CDs in individual cases in there.  All in alphabetical chronological order.  They are too heavy to move in their respective shelving units, I came up with the idea to shrink wrap them into blocks and move them in an orderly fashion.  The other items are not too bad, and only have to go out the door onto the covered deck.  Thankfully there is no rain in the forecast for next week.

I did get to quilt on the El Camino quilt yesterday.  I am using four different thread colors and stencils, freehand and ruler work to quilt it.  As I quilt across each section I carefully make sure I have a smooth backing and batting.  I have come to the conclusion that when I piece my backing I should use the length of fabric grain parallel to my roller bars.  This pieced backing has the length going parallel on one side and perpendicular on the other to a central column.  Which makes it sag a bit on the side where the grain is perpendicular.  It probably doesn’t matter much with smaller quilts, but this one is almost king size.  Live and learn, funny, I think I just renamed this quilt “Living and Learning on the El Camino”.

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