IMG_1677I’m trying out a different way of cutting these blocks.  I have a template for them, but it makes a four inch block, these are seven inches square.   I wanted them to be a bit larger as the R. Kaufman fabric, Effervescence, needs more space to be bubbly.  The graduated fabric is Gelato by Benartex.  To cut these you take two ten inch square pieces of coordinating fabrics and put them on top of one another.  Mark the center with a dot of marker then measure in three inches, along the edges, from the corners and mark those (8) spots.  Using a rotary cutter and a cutting ruler connect those dots by cutting through the center.  You’ll end up with 8 kites and 8 diamonds, mix and match until you like the resulting block.  Sew together by pairing a diamond and a kite, then two of those units, then the two halves.  Be careful with the stretch on the edges of diagonal cuts.  I pressed the first units to the dark and the next two units I pressed open to relieve a bit of bulk in the center and to make the points easier to line up.  I squared these up to seven and a half inches unfinished with a square ruler.

I made my Farmers Wife blocks, Mary and Mary Gray, for this week, early.  I wanted to get them done before the big sewing room move next week.  The floors are being renewed in my new spot and while the refinishers are here, I will be working downstairs to pack up all my sewing items as they will be starting the floors down there the following week.  I did get the upstairs emptied out yesterday, and permission for the stuffed panda to find a new home YAY!  I’m still mulling over whether to repaint or not, it is so much easier to do when the rooms are empty.  Apparently easier than picking a color LOL.

Finally, I finished picking out all the pebbling I did on my EL Camino quilt.  I put it back on the frame, only to discover that the backing wasn’t square.  Off it came again and I fixed the backing and re-framed it.  I found the backing was creased and puckering while quilting it the first time which brought about the un-quilting.  Here’s a picture of the top.  I’ll be quilting it this week in between moving sessions.


El Camino

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday this week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great Kaleidoscope blocks! Thanks for the directions on making them. Your fabrics really shine in these. Love your quilt, too.

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