April Goals

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has a challenge going called “I may have a scrap problem…”.  This month she is asking what we want to accomplish in April with our scraps.  For March I was trying to get through the bags and bins of scraps, and I did get through a bin and two bags.  I created a lot of 2 ½ ” squares, HSTs and strings.  I still have another bin to get through and a few more small bags.  That’s goal one.  For goal two I want to choose a pattern or idea to use the strings.  Maybe something from Bonnie Hunters book “String Fling”.  I have made Orca Bay, Talking Turkey, and Pfeffernuesse.  I like Santa Fe Star and Pineapple Crazy, but the latter has too many pieces.  Cotton Candy is nice, but I doubt I have that much pink.  I’m thinking I may just get some strings sewn onto paper and see how that goes.  I may even start looking a string quilts on Pinterest.

Today is the day I want to get my bedrooms emptied of stuff for the floor refinishing.  The guys are set to start on Monday.  I am busy this weekend both days, so today is the day.  One room is mostly done, just have to move the boxes and one empty small cabinet.  The other needs more packing, sorting and chucking.  How I would love to get rid of the 4 foot tall stuffed panda my son won at an arcade.

Lastly I want to finish my Hitofude sweater.  I have 14 more rows of pattern, and  then the short amount of 1 x 1 ribbing.  I brought it along with me on my trip to Sovlang, but didn’t get a chance to knit on it.  I did visit a very neat quilt shop down there, called Creation Station.  They had a nice selection of fabrics and their shop is decorated with lots of vintage goodies.  They had two domed hair dryer chairs, and a fifties style TV, and a herd of machines displayed around the store.  Very nice people, the owners were both there cutting fabric and chatting.