Still sewing

This week I’m working on restoring my sewing room.  I’ve got everything in the room, but it needs some finesse, and a bit more tweek-ing to make it “work” well.  I am trying to work out a design wall, there are only two walls in the room that would be suitable as the other two are all window and closet.  I’m thinking of using a curtain rod hung up over the closet doors.  Then using clip rings to hang a piece of flannel from the rod.  I may add some drapery weights to the flannel to keep it from getting wavy, or better yet, I may sew a rod pocket in the bottom of it.  Still working out the logistics.

I made my four Farmers wife blocks this past week and figured out how to square up the Daybreak quilt top.  If you’re familiar with this pattern, it has you leave the hexagon blocks as they are on the top and bottom of the quilt.  Resulting in points, which looks okay on the larger versions, but I think on the small size that they look unfinished.  I figured out that if you cut a 5 ½” by 10 ½” rectangle in half diagonally, you’ll get the perfect triangular piece to make a column straight edged.IMG_1712

The whole floor refinishing/room moving project was and is a bit more than I thought it would be.  I still have the moving of things to do, more storing of things to do and another trip to the dump.  I feel like I’m living in half my house, and the other half is still boxed up.  We are planning a big kitchen remodel in the next year or so, I am already having trouble wrapping my mind around that.  Having watched too many remodeling shows on TV probably doesn’t help, they make it look so easy and finish it all in a half an hour.

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Blocked and finished

Tuesday night I finished my Hitofude sweater.  The last rows seemed like they were double in length from the starting point.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures of it, because this yarn really looks so much better after blocking.  The ombre effect of the yarn is a little more subtle in person.  I enjoyed making this cardigan, just enough lace and shaping to keep it interesting.  I was able to use stash yarn, and with a few additional rows added to the arm width, it fits me too, always a plus.

The new sewing room received its third and final coat of polyurethane yesterday which means I can move in on Saturday.  Yay!  Things have not really progressed with the emptying of the downstairs room since Wednesday.  I emptied out my old sewing room, but my husbands office/tv/media room is untouched.  Today is the day for that, probably tomorrow too.  UGH.  There are over 1000 CDs in individual cases in there.  All in alphabetical chronological order.  They are too heavy to move in their respective shelving units, I came up with the idea to shrink wrap them into blocks and move them in an orderly fashion.  The other items are not too bad, and only have to go out the door onto the covered deck.  Thankfully there is no rain in the forecast for next week.

I did get to quilt on the El Camino quilt yesterday.  I am using four different thread colors and stencils, freehand and ruler work to quilt it.  As I quilt across each section I carefully make sure I have a smooth backing and batting.  I have come to the conclusion that when I piece my backing I should use the length of fabric grain parallel to my roller bars.  This pieced backing has the length going parallel on one side and perpendicular on the other to a central column.  Which makes it sag a bit on the side where the grain is perpendicular.  It probably doesn’t matter much with smaller quilts, but this one is almost king size.  Live and learn, funny, I think I just renamed this quilt “Living and Learning on the El Camino”.

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IMG_1677I’m trying out a different way of cutting these blocks.  I have a template for them, but it makes a four inch block, these are seven inches square.   I wanted them to be a bit larger as the R. Kaufman fabric, Effervescence, needs more space to be bubbly.  The graduated fabric is Gelato by Benartex.  To cut these you take two ten inch square pieces of coordinating fabrics and put them on top of one another.  Mark the center with a dot of marker then measure in three inches, along the edges, from the corners and mark those (8) spots.  Using a rotary cutter and a cutting ruler connect those dots by cutting through the center.  You’ll end up with 8 kites and 8 diamonds, mix and match until you like the resulting block.  Sew together by pairing a diamond and a kite, then two of those units, then the two halves.  Be careful with the stretch on the edges of diagonal cuts.  I pressed the first units to the dark and the next two units I pressed open to relieve a bit of bulk in the center and to make the points easier to line up.  I squared these up to seven and a half inches unfinished with a square ruler.

I made my Farmers Wife blocks, Mary and Mary Gray, for this week, early.  I wanted to get them done before the big sewing room move next week.  The floors are being renewed in my new spot and while the refinishers are here, I will be working downstairs to pack up all my sewing items as they will be starting the floors down there the following week.  I did get the upstairs emptied out yesterday, and permission for the stuffed panda to find a new home YAY!  I’m still mulling over whether to repaint or not, it is so much easier to do when the rooms are empty.  Apparently easier than picking a color LOL.

Finally, I finished picking out all the pebbling I did on my EL Camino quilt.  I put it back on the frame, only to discover that the backing wasn’t square.  Off it came again and I fixed the backing and re-framed it.  I found the backing was creased and puckering while quilting it the first time which brought about the un-quilting.  Here’s a picture of the top.  I’ll be quilting it this week in between moving sessions.


El Camino

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April Goals

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has a challenge going called “I may have a scrap problem…”.  This month she is asking what we want to accomplish in April with our scraps.  For March I was trying to get through the bags and bins of scraps, and I did get through a bin and two bags.  I created a lot of 2 ½ ” squares, HSTs and strings.  I still have another bin to get through and a few more small bags.  That’s goal one.  For goal two I want to choose a pattern or idea to use the strings.  Maybe something from Bonnie Hunters book “String Fling”.  I have made Orca Bay, Talking Turkey, and Pfeffernuesse.  I like Santa Fe Star and Pineapple Crazy, but the latter has too many pieces.  Cotton Candy is nice, but I doubt I have that much pink.  I’m thinking I may just get some strings sewn onto paper and see how that goes.  I may even start looking a string quilts on Pinterest.

Today is the day I want to get my bedrooms emptied of stuff for the floor refinishing.  The guys are set to start on Monday.  I am busy this weekend both days, so today is the day.  One room is mostly done, just have to move the boxes and one empty small cabinet.  The other needs more packing, sorting and chucking.  How I would love to get rid of the 4 foot tall stuffed panda my son won at an arcade.

Lastly I want to finish my Hitofude sweater.  I have 14 more rows of pattern, and  then the short amount of 1 x 1 ribbing.  I brought it along with me on my trip to Sovlang, but didn’t get a chance to knit on it.  I did visit a very neat quilt shop down there, called Creation Station.  They had a nice selection of fabrics and their shop is decorated with lots of vintage goodies.  They had two domed hair dryer chairs, and a fifties style TV, and a herd of machines displayed around the store.  Very nice people, the owners were both there cutting fabric and chatting.


This weeks sewing project was to concentrate on getting bindings done.  I accomplished five, yay!  Two bed size, one lap size and two wall hangings.  IMG_1636 First up was my  Moda Building Blocks which I had already made the binding for. Then the Petite Union Blues quilt, I used the left over border fabric for the binding on it. My postcards for cuties quilt got the same.  The Rock Candy quilt has been in the “almost done” pile for a few months now.  It got the same binding as the Small World quilt (which I finished quilting this week).IMG_1637

I enjoyed quilting this piece, its not very large 52″ X 33″.  Lots of tiny stitches, I used Superior threads Kimono silk in an off white color for all the quilting.  Also had a scrap of wool batting that was just the right size.  The backing is Free Fall, left over from my Allietare quilt, again just the right size.  I want to wash and block this before I hang it.  Here’s a bit of quilting on the backside.IMG_1622

Also to post are a few pictures of my “new” sewing table.  It’s still in the garage as I want to paint it before it goes into my new sewing space.  The floors of which will be done next week.

The carriage bolts are countersunk, so I can use my sew steady table as a surround for my machine.  Or , come to think of it, the plastic table that came with my machine.   These next two weeks will involve a lot of moving things around from room to room.  I have started emptying closets and purging a bit, but now I need to empty the rooms by next Monday.

I don’t think there will be much time for sewing this week.  I’d like to get a quilt on my long arm frame, so I can have a respite from moving duties.

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