Design Wall Today

Now that I’ve finished RDG, I have time to start something new.  I recently got a kit to make “Pointy” by Elizabeth Hartman, it was on sale so I figured “why not?”.  Its simple enough, strips and triangles, chain piecing.  I should have it together in a few more days, but I couldn’t resist putting one arrow together.IMG_1541

Next to it are the latest 1930’s Farmers wife blocks, Lily(51) and Lola(52). I’m trying to come up with an alternative setting for these blocks.  In the pattern they are set on point and have zig zag white rectangle blocks in between the rows.  I was thinking 2 ½ ” white sashing strips with assorted 30’s print corner stones.  The final size would be a little smaller, but not as much open space for quilting.  Good and bad, but I’m not sure if I want to do something custom on this quilt.  The blocks are small and there are many seams, it would be trying to even stitch in the ditch on some.  If I did use the white rectangles, I could quilt a motif or something in it.  A layout similar to the Hampton Ridge quilt I did last year.  I still have time to figure that out though, I’m officially past the halfway point.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.  Thanks for reading!