Scraps and Me

Or maybe I should say the scraps and I.  Sarah over at Confessions of a Quilt Addict is starting a monthly challenge “I may Have a Scrap Problem” to help people deal with their scraps.  Pick a challenge for each month and try to accomplish it.  Say sorting a bin, ironing and/or pre-cutting scraps.  Let me start by saying that I have a few bins of scraps, a few bags of scraps and a drawer or two of scraps.  I also have scraps specific to in-progress projects with their respective blocks/tops.  I do have an Art-bin full of 2 ½ cut scrap squares, but thats about as organized as it gets.  I don’t feel overwhelmed by them, just that I need to get a handle on whats there.  For the month of March I would like to get the bins organized a bit more.  I don’t think by color, maybe by size would be better.  I generally don’t keep anything under 2 inches square.  I will go through a bin and cut more 2 ½” squares out of the larger pieces, discard/recycle the small bits and whats left will stay in the bin.  Labels will be applied.

I am in the process of moving my sewing room.  My oldest son, who lives in Boston, has conceded that he doesn’t really need a room at our house now.  He stated that he will be happy to stay in the guest room when he visits.  The room is on the main floor of the house and has a large window, a closet and about 30 % more room.  More natural light and storage space, YAY!  My current space is on the lower level, which is OK, its cooler in the summer and quiet all year long.  It has very little natural light though, I did install eight natural light fluorescent tubes which help somewhat.  I’m posting this photo as a before shot. Its kinda embarrassing, especially after doing a search on Pinterest for “Sewing Rooms”.  I could call it “Cozy”, but seeing it here, I would have to admit, it’s a bit cluttered.  It’s mostly functional though, really. IMG_1607

Moving to a new space is going to force me to evaluate, organize and possibly purge my collection.  Thats going to be the challenge, but I’m thinking of how nice it will be when I can spread out a bit and have a nice size design wall.

First I have to empty out the new room, box up DS’s few remaining belongings and then get the wood floors refinished.  I have a guy coming next week to give me an estimate for the floors.  I probably want to repaint the walls, although they are a nice vanilla right now, maybe periwinkle blue.  My husband recently brought home a large, sturdy conference table from his office, which will become my sewing a cutting table.  I have plans!

These are my two main March goals, along with finishing my Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets top, keeping up with the 365 challenge quilt, and my other BOM.

2 thoughts on “Scraps and Me

  1. Oh, my, lucky girl!! Your new space sounds like it will be wonderful!!! And you’ve got good goals set up for the month – can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!

  2. Good luck in moving your sewing room. I’ve done that twice in five years: once to my DD’s room a couple of years after she got married; and the second time when we moved to a new house! (visiting from the “I may have a scrap problem” link up)

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