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Wow, it looks much better in the photo here than in person.  It will look better after blocking too.  My swatch did, so I have proof.  I have made things that didn’t turn out as nice after blocking, yet another reason to swatch.  I used to just dive into a project thinking “it’s the right weight yarn and it should work in this pattern”.   I’m wiser now after many learning experiences, swatch first and be happy with your finished object.

The under arm seaming went along easily for me, I ended up adding an extra repeat of the rows.  I was concerned that they might not be wide enough for my upper arm size.  Then when I added the waist band I realized I had somehow turned the knitting inside out.  Rather than ripping back I added a row of purling to the bottom of the band and started the chevron lace pattern again. It is a bit more “detail” see it in the photo below?


Just makes it more “mine”.

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for On the Needles today.


7 thoughts on “More Hitofude

    • Thanks. I saw some unique ways to block this sweater on Ravelry. I also found some foam interlocking tiles at the local discount store which help tremendously with blocking.

  1. Maybe because I’ve already made one and saw the transformation after blocking but I think yours looks quite beautiful. I’m so proud of you for (1) encouraging others to swatch and (2) making it work even when there was a slight problem.

  2. Margie says:

    I love the color of yours and now I need to go see if I can find out about sharkeicat’s reply about the post on Raverly about the blocking as I need to do mine. Don’t know my way around that site real well so wish me luck.

    • Look me up by the name sharkiecat (people tab at top of page) and then go to my favorites (heart symbol) you will see three pictures I tagged for Hitofude blocking ideas.

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