Sew Many HSTs

I confess I like puns, todays title only provokes a slight groan from the peanut gallery.  It does have multiple meanings and it does tell what I have been up to this past week. I have been making headway through the 1728 hst’s for the “Rubies Diamonds and Garnets” quilt sashing.


In order to break the monotony of triangle after triangle, I started to web-piece the little squares into rows a la Bonnie Hunter.  Each sashing has two rows of twelve HSTs on either side of a solid 2 ½ x 12 ½ solid strip.  I got thirty six rows done this weekend, one quarter of them.  I also cut all the solid sashing parts, I feel like I have begun to make a dent.

I got caught up on my Farmers Wife blocks.  Jewel and Jenny are for this week.  Jenny has a nautical theme going, Jewel doesn’t, I’m not sure whats up with that one, balloons and posies,  but it’s a keeper.

In knitting news I attended Stitches West yesterday.  The yarn stash was increased by three new projects and a bag of very nice worsted wool in a weathered burgundy color.  I found a few new patterns and ideas, but all in all, restraint was shown.   The show was well put together, lots of venders, but there was a certain excitement that seemed to be missing.  Hard to explain, everyone I spoke to was nice and helpful, the displays were nice, it wasn’t too crowded either.  Just lacking a spark of something.  Perhaps I’m a bit jaded, I have been going to the show annually since it was in Oakland, fourteen (?) years ago.  I sometimes get the same way at Quilt shows, maybe its over-saturation?

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