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Here are my first 31 blocks of the 365 Challenge Quilt – The ultimate sampler.  Its run by an Australian group of quilters.  Every day you get an email featuring the block of the day with a simple diagram and a link to their Facebook page and archive.  The first 93 blocks finish at 3 inches, which are then used to make a border around a center medallion (the month of April part).  Then there is a round of larger blocks, another round of small blocks and a border.  The mock up is done in blues and tans, but I am doing mine in batiks, all assorted.   The hardest part was starting, as I did all of these over a span  of 2 days.  I think I’m going to do them weekly from now on.  They only make ten or fifteen minutes to do.  Unlike the Farmers wife blocks which may take an hour to do. This is the first Monday that I don’t have two of those to show.  I had to bring Bertha in for her yearly spa treatment.  For some reason the feed dogs weren’t staying down when asked to.  The FW blocks require precision foundation piecing, which I can’t do as well on my Singer 404.  It was fun to do these 3 ½” blocks on it, especially with the slant needle, much easier to see the little squares and triangles.

This week I also started quilting my Union Blues quilt.  This quilt is about 30 % smaller than the pattern originally calls for, due to a (ahem) slight measuring error by the user.  I like it though, and decided to do an all over Baptist Fan quilting pattern.  Should be done this week, although its not difficult, its time consuming.IMG_1365

Thanks for reading.  I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times today for Design Wall Monday .