I have been productive this past week.  Just don’t have any spiffy pictures to show for it.  I finished three memory pillows and a quilt top for my Aunt and Cousins.  My Uncle died a few months ago and my Aunt contacted me about making a few pillows for them with his clothes.  I used the Charming Circle ruler template from June Taylor and cut the denim and sewed squares of Hawaiian shirt fabric into them.  Then connected them all together to make a pillow top.  The quilt is a large Carpenters Star pattern, thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times and her free pattern page .  I used a few yards of kona solids and triangles from the 16 different shirts.  My Aunt didn’t ask for a quilt, but I just couldn’t bring myself to toss all the rest of the shirt fabric.  It was emotionally tough for me to open up that box of clothing and use it.  I thought about all the good memories I had of him and I felt good about making a few things that will, hopefully, mean something to them as well.

I also worked on quilting the Moda Building blocks top.  I am going to finish it today, just two more large blocks to go.  My next post will be photo intensive, just wait!  I made this weeks Farmers wife blocks, Golda and Georgia.  They were fun, not so many pieces, more squares and large pieces.

Lastly, I wanted to do some machine embroidery on a few t-shirts for friends when I discovered that my feed dogs weren’t lowering.  Guess its time for Bertha to visit the Spa for her yearly tune up.