More Farmers wife

I missed having a finished project to post on Friday.  I did bind the Splash quilt, but most of my week was spent making blocks for Allietare.  Pretty dull pictures of that.  I think that the quilt is going to turn out “graphic”, as there are only 90 degree angles in it so far. I will persevere though.  I wasn’t that crazy about the Easy Street mystery, but it turned out pretty.

IMG_0604 Here it is early Monday morning and I still have not made last weeks Farmers Wife blocks.  Going to do them now.  Well that took longer than I thought it would.  The first block, Em has 88 pieces.  It was easy to cut all of them, but sewing them all together took a while.  Doris was a breeze compared to Em.  The colors are a bit faded in these pictures, they are a bit more saturated.

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for design wall Monday.

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