My small world


My Small World Parts 1 – 4

I saw this quilt in the beginning of the summer, and wanted to make it for myself.  The magazine, Quilt Mania is a French publication and I was able to get a copy directly from them.  It took about six weeks to get here, but I was expecting that.  They have recently begun printing in the US, which makes it a lot easier to get Quilt Mania.  Plus the pattern is now being published as a booklet, I think I saw it at The Fat Quarter Shops web site. By the time I got my copy, the QAL I was thinking of joining was in full swing, too late for me to catch up.  I book marked the errata pages and looked at all the lovely finished quilts. Then I put the Magazine on the back shelf and forgot about it for a few months.  I pulled it out this week and have been having such fun rooting through my scraps and stash for fun things to add and fussy cut.  Stripes, bold, fun, pink pandas, solids, anything is allowed.  I did have two small problems, first the templates given state they are actual size.  The first time I tried to make a component, I was a bit confused, it didn’t quite work out, too small to fit with other squares and pieces.  Hmmm, I read through all the introductory notes and looked through all the instructions, then I saw it, add 1/4 inch to all templates.  It was written in white on a yellow header, I guess one is just supposed to know to do this.  Like adding 5/8 seam allowance when garment sewing.   The other was figuring out that the templates in red were for those using metric measurements and the ones in black were for inches. I thought they were for reverse pieces.  Its all good now, I have it worked out.  The style of pattern writing is a bit different, sort of bare bones.  I think that I have become accustomed to having tutorials and how too pictures etc. written into patterns.  This pattern is meant for an intermediate sewist, who can figure it out to use their own methods of construction.  I am using the Easy Angle, Companion angle and the Tri-recs tools to full advantage.  These pieces are small, lots of 1 ½ HST’s and squares.  I have two more sections to go, hopefully have it pieced by this Monday.  My sewing studio is a disaster with scraps, pieces of fabric that looks like swiss cheese and yardage all over the flat surfaces.

My Jacobs ladder quilt needs to be put together.  I laid it all out and it is ready to be made into a top.


Jacobs Ladder layout

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  1. How fun!! My Small World is a really fantastic piece. It’ll be fun to keep watching you work on it. What a bummer about the template issue. I would have thought they were “cut this out like this” forms, too. Look at those rich, deep tones on your Jacob’s Ladder. 🙂

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