Productive week

I had a somewhat productive week.  I finished 35 Jacob’s Ladder blocks, made a few (well 6) with errors and had to resew them.  You would think that after making seven different Bonnie Hunter quilts, I would have the knack for production piecing, oh well.  Trying to figure out a border for it, possibly making one out of 4 inch assorted squares, that should reduce the scraps.  Going to get the top laid out, and figure out a “random” pattern.

I am almost done with the Postcard Cuties top, just one more appliquéd corner oval, 15 minutes of sewing.


Yay! Finished it Saturday morning

I made two more Farmers Wife blocks, going to make two more today for a total of 16.  Only 83 more to go ha.





I also worked on the Rock Candy Quilt, I figured out an elongated double diamond shape with zen-tangle squares in the center row, as there are 9 rows.  Two rows for a diamond leaves one row for a square.  I’ll get a picture of it soon.

Finally, I started the machine embroidery on the saddle pads for my horse trainer.  Five of them, each takes 50 minutes.  They look nice, I hope I’m not setting myself up to make more for other members of the barn.  Commercial embroidery is not what I do. I think the amount of time and effort needed to produce a finished product is not appreciated in the non-sewist world.  Less then that of quilts…people don’t see the value.

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6 thoughts on “Productive week

  1. 35 Jacob’s Ladder blocks is a lot!! And you still managed two Farmer’s Wife blocks as well. Nicely done. 🙂 Postcard Cuties is adorable – I love that snowman mug.

    • Thanks for the reminder, it is a nice stack of blocks. The farmers wife blocks are only 6 ½ inches square, but some of them have over 40 pieces, keeps it interesting. The mug is my favorite block too!

  2. So, hey – I went back to look at your Jacob’s Ladder project. You did a Bertie’s Year – I love that one! I bet your Jacob’s Ladder is going to be really super with those leftovers. Looking forward to seeing it. Are you planning to applique flowers in the border also? (Sorry to double up here – couldn’t figure out how to comment on the older post)

    • Yes, Bertie was a fun project, I really want to get it quilted and up on the wall for this winter. I’m not sure who’s going to get the flannel Jacobs ladder yet, maybe my DS who lives in Boston it gets cold there. I may have to rethink the flowers, perhaps leaves and vines.

  3. You’ve got some gorgeous projects going on. So pretty! And you’re right, unless people actually sew, they have no idea how much time and effort and material costs are involved.

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