24 Blocks

Hmm. There only seem to be 18 Farmers Wives here.  There are 24 on my design wall, honest.  I worked on Coral and Charlotte yesterday, easier blocks, but they still take an hour or so to do.  There are 75 more to go, then the sashing and borders.  I’m glad I’m doing this over a years time.

I also worked a bit on the Allietare mystery quilt, I finished the 294 HSTs, I made 300, as I could get 30 right triangles out of each 2″strip of grey.  No pictures of those, pretty boring anyway.  I have not pulled the other fabrics red, gold, black for it yet.  I think I have enough of them, its just that I have so many other half done projects out and in progress, I am hesitant to add to the chaos.  I have my BOMs coming this week too, so there will be lots of fun to be had.   I’m going to try to make some progress on my Moda Building Blocks, I started quilting it last week.  I used all Cherrywood fabrics, it is muted, but in a mellow way.  There are many blocks and I want to do each a bit different, I am scouring Pinterest looking for ideas.  Its a little cold in that room this time of year, and the natural light doesn’t last long.  Pictures next time, promise.

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300 HST

Not much sewing going on this week.  I worked a little on the borders for the SAS quilt.  There was a measurement issue, and I needed to add a 1 inch piece to the side borders as they were too short for the sides.  there will be two chain sections on the long sides and one across the top and bottom.  I did fix a horse blanket and it was a sort of patchwork project.  I’m going to start the Mystery Quilt today, 300 HSTs 1 ½” finished size, grey and neutral.   I may change one of the other colors, but I’m okay with them for now.

Borders and blocks

I was sewing this week, mostly blocks and borders,  finished a quilt top and got some pieces together on my medallion quilt.    The two blocks from Farmers wife were Carolina and Caroline, I really like Carolina, it went together well using paper foundation piecing.  Others in the QAL were complaining about Y-seams, but I was able to manipulate the pieces so that I just put my needle down and then gently pulled the seam to realign it.  These were very slight angles, which made it easy, I doubt that I could have done it if it had been a 90 degree turn.







I am making a pieced border for the Storm at Sea top I completed this fall. It needed something.  These are 3 inch finished HSTs, pretty simple but I think the effect will be nice.  Sort of a cable/rope around the SAS blocks.  Thankfully I have plenty of red and white  solids left.

The Coxcomb Medallion Quilt is coming together also. I was able to sew the next few rounds together. I have to add a bunch more blue appliqué circles, but it is coming together.  It could use a good pressing, but I was feeling a bit lazy.



Lastly, I made up this top with a bunch of charm packs from an Sandy Klop American Jane/Moda line called “Savonneire”.  While at PIQF this year I stopped by her booth and saw this coordinating border fabric from the line.  There was just enough to go around the top.  The top is made of a block called 3D bow tie. A fun way to use up a charm pack or three.  Here are instructions on how to make it up  Generations Quilt Patterns




Bow tie top with


Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt starts next week.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to make it this year or not.  I have lots of fabrics in her chosen color way, it might be nice.  I am still not sure I like the one  from last year, but I have to remind myself to step out of my comfort zone of color every once in a while.


Grand Illusion

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Berties ladder


I decided to call this top Berties Ladder, as it is made from most of the scraps from Berties Year.  There are still some left over pieces, but I think these will be incorporated into the backing.  I went with a mixed border of 2 ½ inch squares and HSTs, its busy, but I like it.  The colors of the flannels are a bit more subdued in “real life”, I took the picture outside, hoping the natural light would help, but the fabrics aren’t really that bright.

I finished the appliqué on the Small World top.  Some of my favorite pieces are here.



I didn’t have the heart to round off my hexagons (36 of them) so I left them as a hill.


Monkey wrenches and doorways


Squirrels and pinwheels


Clam shells


Geese, these are 1″ x 2″


My favorite, a tiny treasure chest complete with pirate parrot.

I also completed the Rock Candy quilt, sans binding.  I was going for a fractional/prismatic look with the quilting lines.  I think they may show up better after washing.

Rock Candy

Rock Candy


Zen Tangle like squares.


Border with triangles.

This week I’m starting the quilting of my Moda Building blocks top.  I made it earlier this year and using my Cherrywood fabric collection.

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Its a Small World…


Ha, now you are singing it too.  I finished the base of my Small world quilt yesterday.  I have to appliqué the three rainbows on the left side and a few more pumpkinseeds, and its done. I am still deciding whether or not to embroider the land marks, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera house and Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background.  Might just quilt them in later.  While looking at the QAL insta-gram photos (#smallworldqal) yesterday, I found that most people were/are taking weeks to do each section.  I guess I’m an over achiever, as I will finish it in about ten days total.  Not to brag too much, but I really enjoyed the making of this quilt, so it went together quickly.  My sewing studio is a wreak but thats usual.

I took a class on Saturday with Gina Perkes on modern quilting designs.  It was interesting and I got to practice FMQ on my Bernina 780.  It took a few tries to get into the “move the fabric” quilting rhythm, as I am very used to moving the machine.  We used rulers too, Gina has a line of acrylic rulers with special finger holds and grips on the undersides that make it possible to FMQ a straight line and angles on a domestic or sit down machine.  Learned a bunch of new fills and ideas on how to incorporate them.  Her web site is Ginaperkes.com Upon looking at the site, I notice she doesn’t have the new rulers up yet though.  She does have some pretty quilts to see.

I want to finish up the Jacobs Ladder top this week.  I am almost done quilting the Rock Candy quilt too.

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My small world


My Small World Parts 1 – 4

I saw this quilt in the beginning of the summer, and wanted to make it for myself.  The magazine, Quilt Mania is a French publication and I was able to get a copy directly from them.  It took about six weeks to get here, but I was expecting that.  They have recently begun printing in the US, which makes it a lot easier to get Quilt Mania.  Plus the pattern is now being published as a booklet, I think I saw it at The Fat Quarter Shops web site. By the time I got my copy, the QAL I was thinking of joining was in full swing, too late for me to catch up.  I book marked the errata pages and looked at all the lovely finished quilts. Then I put the Magazine on the back shelf and forgot about it for a few months.  I pulled it out this week and have been having such fun rooting through my scraps and stash for fun things to add and fussy cut.  Stripes, bold, fun, pink pandas, solids, anything is allowed.  I did have two small problems, first the templates given state they are actual size.  The first time I tried to make a component, I was a bit confused, it didn’t quite work out, too small to fit with other squares and pieces.  Hmmm, I read through all the introductory notes and looked through all the instructions, then I saw it, add 1/4 inch to all templates.  It was written in white on a yellow header, I guess one is just supposed to know to do this.  Like adding 5/8 seam allowance when garment sewing.   The other was figuring out that the templates in red were for those using metric measurements and the ones in black were for inches. I thought they were for reverse pieces.  Its all good now, I have it worked out.  The style of pattern writing is a bit different, sort of bare bones.  I think that I have become accustomed to having tutorials and how too pictures etc. written into patterns.  This pattern is meant for an intermediate sewist, who can figure it out to use their own methods of construction.  I am using the Easy Angle, Companion angle and the Tri-recs tools to full advantage.  These pieces are small, lots of 1 ½ HST’s and squares.  I have two more sections to go, hopefully have it pieced by this Monday.  My sewing studio is a disaster with scraps, pieces of fabric that looks like swiss cheese and yardage all over the flat surfaces.

My Jacobs ladder quilt needs to be put together.  I laid it all out and it is ready to be made into a top.


Jacobs Ladder layout

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Productive week

I had a somewhat productive week.  I finished 35 Jacob’s Ladder blocks, made a few (well 6) with errors and had to resew them.  You would think that after making seven different Bonnie Hunter quilts, I would have the knack for production piecing, oh well.  Trying to figure out a border for it, possibly making one out of 4 inch assorted squares, that should reduce the scraps.  Going to get the top laid out, and figure out a “random” pattern.

I am almost done with the Postcard Cuties top, just one more appliquéd corner oval, 15 minutes of sewing.


Yay! Finished it Saturday morning

I made two more Farmers Wife blocks, going to make two more today for a total of 16.  Only 83 more to go ha.





I also worked on the Rock Candy Quilt, I figured out an elongated double diamond shape with zen-tangle squares in the center row, as there are 9 rows.  Two rows for a diamond leaves one row for a square.  I’ll get a picture of it soon.

Finally, I started the machine embroidery on the saddle pads for my horse trainer.  Five of them, each takes 50 minutes.  They look nice, I hope I’m not setting myself up to make more for other members of the barn.  Commercial embroidery is not what I do. I think the amount of time and effort needed to produce a finished product is not appreciated in the non-sewist world.  Less then that of quilts…people don’t see the value.

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