Coxcomb Medallion Progress

cox comb parts

Been working on this as a BOM for about four months now.  Its my hand work project.  I like to do appliqué, there, I said it.  This quilt pattern by Sue Garman is relatively easy, her instructions are well written and it would probably work in a variety of different color ways.  Blue and white would be pretty, or a holiday/winter theme with some gold thrown in.  Since I am doing this as a BOM, the shop chooses the colors.  Each month there is another ring to do, plus a few of the border blocks (the ones on the left).  There are an awful lot of flying geese around the edge.  Sometimes I think they forget what they sent the previous month and send the same fabrics.  I have been using some of my own pinks and greens, and it looks a bit more scrappy.   Here’s what it will resemble when I’m done:

 Coxcomb Medallion Quilt Yep.  There are a lot of geese.

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  1. I agree with Kris… this is beautiful. I love applique, too, and have looked at Sue’s patterns a lot. The only one I have made is her Classic Santas, but I made them in wool. Have fun with all of those flying geese. 🙂

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