Postcard top finished

Finished the top this week.  I used two charm rolls of Kona, Modern expressions and Modern Movement.  These were from Craftsy, on sale of course.  There are lots of leftovers too.  I’m planning on another HST quilt with them.  I really like the color combo, I am going to add a contrasting Kona grey (Ash I think)with them.

Postcard from Sweden top


I need to pull down the current design board resident, “Kimimila” or the butterflies in the round quilt.  I used some of my hand dyed collection (Judy Roberson) for this top.  I can’t decide if I want to keep it round or square it up.  I like the circle, but how to hang it?  There is a hanging kit that can be purchased separately, but then I am wondering how I can store it ( I don’t think its fold-able) when it’s not in use.  Still needs quilting and finishing though.


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One thought on “Postcard top finished

  1. Your postcard top is gorgeous!! It looks like a beautiful sunset to me. The butterfly quilt is a beauty, too. Could you roll it on a tube to store it?

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