Storms over

I finished the SAS quilt top Sunday.  I can’t decide if it needs borders or not.  I have 25 extra square in a square in a square (needs acronym) blocks that I could use.  Maybe top and bottom rows.  The top turned out to be about 65 x 77, a decent throw size, or full size bed topper.

Storm At Sea

Storm At Sea

I made the next two blocks of the FW1930sqal, Anne and April.  Easy blocks, but lots of pieces.  I tried to make my pinwheel spin the “right” way, by using the pattern from the backside, but in the end it spins clock-wise.





I’ve also been plugging away at my Coxcomb quilt, I have 7 more pieces of the swag border to stitch down, and then the extra blocks from that month to do.  Then I think I am caught up with that BOM.  I’m going to have to start something new.  I was thinking of making a simple triangle quilt that uses 5 x 7 rectangles to make split triangles.  Been eyeing a roll of Kaffe fabrics.

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Storm progressing


The first block is made.  I finished all the component parts yesterday and had to put one together before quitting for the day.  I decided to press most of the joining seams open, as the junctions where the points meet were eight layers thick in places, all those points.  Not needle friendly.  Pressing them open does create some shadowing, but there is no red under white, so its not too noticeable, I think using off white batting might help too.  I hope to get a few rows put together today and this weekend, finish top by monday?  Might be a push, we’ll see.

In other news, I am plugging along in the #FW1930sQAL (1930’s Farmers wife).  I made the next two blocks, Ann and Alice.  These are paper pieced, I found some artist’s tracing paper and ran it through the printer.  The papers were much easier to remove, and sew through, plus they are see-through lining up seam allowances is a breeze. I have to remember to pick up another pad next time I’m in that craft store.  The Alice block took about two hours to piece, mind you these blocks are 6 inches finished.  But the finish was worth it, Ann was a breeze compared to her.





If you’re interested in joining this QAL its at Verykerryberry, there is another one starting next week, the 28th, at GnomeAngel.  Join the fun, I wasn’t sure I would like working with 1930’s prints, but they sort of grow on you, they’re happy and bright.

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Red and White all over

I have always wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt of my own.  I made one for my sister and her husband as a wedding present, 14 years ago. (Wow, where does the time go?)  It was foundation paper pieced, and scrappy.   My SAS quilt is red and white, well Barn red and Snow white to be a little more specific.  I started out making 9″ blocks, for a 64 block quilt.  I made all my half rectangles, and realized that while following the directions I had moved one “box” over in the grid of how many/what size sub blocks I needed.  I had made the rectangles for the 12″ block.  Okay, deep breath.  I’ll just make the bigger blocks and less of them, 49, an 84″ square quilt.  I had enough fabric, so that was a plus.  I plugged on making lots of units, in that mindless chain piecing way, 154 of this 49 of that, red and white.  To make it interesting, I changed threads so that the red fabric had red thread and the white had white.  Thats pretty sad, but true.  Thankfully I have a good audio book to listen to.  When I had enough pieces done I laid them out on my table to see how they looked.  Hmm.  Something was not quite right.  The pattern wasn’t a true SAS block.  There was no square within a square within a square in the block. The designer had replaced it with a solid square.  The secondary wavy illusion wasn’t there. It was okay looking, but more of a star quilt.  If you look in the upper right hand side of the picture, you’ll see the block.


After looking at many other SAS blocks, I ended up drafting a new Square in a square in a square block to fit with all my finished pieces.  Now my block looks like this, not the star as on the pattern.

storm-at-sea-quilt-block-a.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3LHivvmzUuI think the pattern maker was trying to make it easier to put together, or simpler, or I just like making double work for myself.  I like secondary patterns in quilts.  Hope to get this together this week.

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1930’s Farmers Wife





Started the 1930’s Farmer’s wife QAL this week.  This is a fun for me project.  I didn’t have any 1930s repros in my stash, so I had to shop for some.  Since these blocks are small, 6″ finished, I can use charm packs and fat quarters.  I got a jelly roll too.  Paper piecing these is the way to go for me.  All of the blocks have letters associated with them, and names, there is even one named after me.  If you’re interested in joining in, VeryKerryBerry is hosting along with a group of bloggers on the other side of the pond.

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Coxcomb Medallion Progress

cox comb parts

Been working on this as a BOM for about four months now.  Its my hand work project.  I like to do appliqué, there, I said it.  This quilt pattern by Sue Garman is relatively easy, her instructions are well written and it would probably work in a variety of different color ways.  Blue and white would be pretty, or a holiday/winter theme with some gold thrown in.  Since I am doing this as a BOM, the shop chooses the colors.  Each month there is another ring to do, plus a few of the border blocks (the ones on the left).  There are an awful lot of flying geese around the edge.  Sometimes I think they forget what they sent the previous month and send the same fabrics.  I have been using some of my own pinks and greens, and it looks a bit more scrappy.   Here’s what it will resemble when I’m done:

 Coxcomb Medallion Quilt Yep.  There are a lot of geese.

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Design Wall “Splash”


It doesn’t look like much, but it is a start of the quilt pattern called “Splash” by Jaybird Quilts.  I used a Kona Fat Quarter bundle called Pool Party Palette and some left overs from the Postcards from Sweden quilt.  I think the blocks look like baby prams, but once it is quilted they’ll look more like hexagons.  There are no Y seams in this quilt, yay! With all the talk of drought and heat, I needed a bit of coolness this week.

My design wall is getting a face lift next week.  I ordered a new piece of flannel, a pretty tan color that will cover the lovely pink insulation boards.

I’m linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict today, Sarah kindly showed two of my quilt tops from last week.  Love for the solids too!

Scrappy batiks


This small quilt started out as a pattern called “Sea Glass”. It was supposed to use green, blue and tan batiks that gave the impression of  beach glass, soft and worn, wind swept sand.  Well, it got scrappy, out of control scrappy in a good way.  The navy and purples snuck in and the turquoise and rusts too.  I used up a bunch of batik scraps, now I can close the plastic containers that hold my collection a little easier.  I’m calling it “43” because it is made from 3 and 4 patch blocks.  I am thinking of quilting it with an orange peel pattern. First it has a date with the ironing board.

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Updated Picture, now with borders!

Now with borders!

Too Small Diamond

I am doing a BOM for the red and white quilt “Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets too” by Bernadette Kent.  I am about 75% done, still have five more blocks and about 800 HST for the sashing.  This weekend I made this block.RDG too block

Y-seams everywhere.  I was feeling pretty good after assembling it, only had to unsew a few stitches, things were lining up, I had points.  Squaring it up to 12 ½  inches, however, wasn’t going to happen.  It was 11 ½ square, where did that inch of fabric go? I had carefully cut all the pieces, templates and squares, measure twice cut once. I had carefully sewn the 1/4 inch seams, but nope, it just wasn’t going to be a 12 ½.  Notice the thin border/framing strips? Now it works for me.

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Two Tops in Technicolor



I think I am ready for some monochrome.  These two are small lap top or wall hangings.  I’m considering borders, maybe piano keys or similar.  The left one, Prism  pattern by Nancy Rink, uses Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry fabric line “Gradations”.  To the right, Star an “improv pattern” by me, uses the same fabrics from the postcard quilt, with the addition of Kona Ash. Please excuse my lawn, its in a resting phase.

I started a new quilt using some older Riley Blake layer cakes I had in stash.  Its coming together quickly, the pattern is called Reveille, by Carrie Nelson.  The blocks are large, 17″, and it doesn’t want to stay up on the design wall.  Will finish it up and get a picture of it this weekend.

In other news, I’ve been working on quilting El Camino.  I really need the ruler base for the machine.  Its on order, has been for about a month.  I’m gonna call and nag, I mean ask, if its in yet.  I did pebble one whole border yesterday.

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Postcard top finished

Finished the top this week.  I used two charm rolls of Kona, Modern expressions and Modern Movement.  These were from Craftsy, on sale of course.  There are lots of leftovers too.  I’m planning on another HST quilt with them.  I really like the color combo, I am going to add a contrasting Kona grey (Ash I think)with them.

Postcard from Sweden top


I need to pull down the current design board resident, “Kimimila” or the butterflies in the round quilt.  I used some of my hand dyed collection (Judy Roberson) for this top.  I can’t decide if I want to keep it round or square it up.  I like the circle, but how to hang it?  There is a hanging kit that can be purchased separately, but then I am wondering how I can store it ( I don’t think its fold-able) when it’s not in use.  Still needs quilting and finishing though.


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