On the Design Wall/Floor

This is the “Fire Island Hosta” pattern by Judy Neimeyer.Fire Island HostaI have been working on it for about 3 weeks now.  I chose the same (mostly) color way as the large queen size version, but I’m doing the 74 x 74 inch version.  I’m at the last part now, putting all the sections together.  This is one of those projects that just plods along for a while and then you have the last four seams to sew, and you’re done.  I used 13 different batik fabrics for this, only a few from my stash, shopping was fun.  I found if I used the same Robert Kaufman batik color number called for in the pattern, I could find a batik with patterning I liked and I knew the shading would match.

My sewing room looks like a phone book exploded.  There are tiny pieces of newsprint all over the floor and tables.  I haven’t even taken most of it off yet.  The last Neimeyer quilt I did, was the Wedding Star pattern.  I ended up sitting on edge of a dry bath tub and throwing the pieces in as I removed them.  It was simple to clean up the contained mess.  This pattern is easy to follow, lots of diagrams and clear instructions, not for beginners though.

This is my first link up as a blogger, on Judy’s Patchwork times.

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