Finishing quilts

Finally finished quilting “2% Blues” Its ok, but not what I had envisioned.  I need to break out of staying in the seam lines.  Finished Scrappy Halloween even the binding.  Its cute, functional and I got rid of most of my Halloween stash, Yay!   Also PA pineapple is quilted, waiting in the “to be bound” pile.  I can’t remember the name of the Miss Rosie quilt, wait, its True Blue.  Gotta think of a new name for that, its in the TBQ pile.  I almost used up the leftovers from Hampton ridge, between that one and the backing for HR, there is finally little left of Civil war fabric.  It just seemed never ending.  Working away on El Camino, the appliqué blocks, there are six, each has 25 pieces on it.  Almost done with the pieced blocks too.  Ive had to buy way too much filler fabric for that quilt.  The backing is going to be all that.  Gardeners is wrapping up too,  I think there are only two more flower blocks.  Need to put border fabric on list for that, and rick rac.


Scrappy Halloween, before quilting.


Hampton Ridge before quilting, on the frame now though.

Working on cutting 2 ½ scrap squares for Split Nine patch.  Getting fabric for Grand Illusion ready, ugh, stupid song.