Looking back and forward

From a post on 11-12-12 with additions.  Still ignoring the UFO’s.

List of current works:

  1. Taos  done
  2. Baltimore Halloween  done
  3. Turkey in the straw done
  4. pfefferneuse done
  5. Autumn memories done
  6. poinsettia passion
  7. Easy Street done
  8. Celtic Solstice 
  9. Smokey River done
  10. Rewind done
  11. Morris Redoes the Courthouse
  12. Hampton Ridge
  13. Bertie’s Year
  14. Red
  15. Flower Alphabet
  16. El Camino

Quilts that need finishing:

  1. Snowman A to Zzz done
  2. Rustic Starrs done

Tops to LA

  1. Kansas City done
  2. dusty springfield 
  3. christmas layer cake
  4. simple pleasures
  5. Horses


  1. South American fabric
  2. laundry day in HK
  3. humming birds
  4. creative curves 
  5. Mav’s swamp strips

List of Current BOM’s

1. Hampton Ridge.  37 blocks done

2. Berties year.  3 ½ blocks done

3. El Camino. 1 block done

4. Alphabet flowers.

5. Red and White.

bom rubies

HR is almost done.  I should start the embroidery on the Flowers.  Looking forward to the red and White. I have a feeling there is one I’m forgetting, hmm.

Finishes, some

Finished Autumn Memories, quilted and bound.  Ended up doing leaf vines in all the 2″ squares. Giving all the appliquéd leaves veins and stems.  Did some Stitch in the ditch around the bigger pieced leaves.  Looks good, I like it.  Put Celtic solstice on the frame and did a large pant.  Its okay, but not great.  Have to trim and bind it, I really like the orange backing.  Put “Morris re-does the Courthouse” on the frame.  I decided not to float quilt tops anymore.  I don’t like the rippling borders and edges I was getting.  Using fluttering leaf pantograph, I like this one, I used it on Beth’s quilt, Smokey River, too.  I timed myself and it takes about 8 minutes to do one pass.  Using King Tut on top and those prewound bobbins, I can’t remember the name of. (Wonder Fil)

Morris redoes the Courthouse

closeup of Panto

closeup of Panto