Kansas quilt

IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0331Why is it taking so long?  Its a simple quilt and I have not over quilted it.  Finished the top and bottom borders with the fans and straight double lines to fill the border space.  Need an idea for the star/squares in the sashing.  Maybe curves or something.  Didn’t switch to the dark blue silk thread for the borders either.  I like the copper color, it shreds a bit though.

artist studios

Went to two studios today.  The first was deidre’s.  She seems nice enough, but her art was pretty, but some how I thought it was forced, or manufactured.  She paints from photos of landscapes and people.  Maybe she needs more examples around her home.  It seemed like a house tour rather than a studio tour.  She’s a very neat painter, none on the floor or carpet, but yet there were cobwebs on a huge raku vase in her living room.  I liked her style of painting, sort of abstract and paint loaded brush.  I was really impressed with the glass blowing demo.  Now thats an art, its a “feel” to doing it, physical rather than temporal in 3d.  Would like to retire in Laguna Beach someday.       


blooming 9 patch

blooming 9 patch

It looks really blue here, but its more purple.

Started this last weekend, to use up a bunch of “stained glass” type fabric from 2000.  It was marinating for a while.  I combined some solids from a few other projects and didnt have to buy anything new.  Its a bit different from the original pattern, but effective.  I pinned all the rows together, maybe next weekend I will be able to get them together.IMG_0295