Peddling as fast as I can

Got some quilting done on Taos yesterday.  Simple curved lines in the diamonds of the border.  Need to keep tweeking machine to get it to stop skipping on the right to left passes.  Quite annoying.  I hope I can do some curved cross hatching in some of the white areas.  No feathers for this one.

Borders again

Finished attaching the pieced Taos borders.  The corner blocks went on okay.  I have to remember that the ink from the water soluble paper floats free in the water that is used for paper removal.  Could be bad for using with white fabrics.  There was a little fabric gathering and smooshing to get the borders on, they were about an inch or so too long.  Two more strips to go, they are cut and waiting.  Probably wont happen until later in the week, as DH surgery is tomorrow.  I started a pair of easy socks to take to the waiting room.  not sure if I like the yarn colors, it looked pretty in the skein, but the stripes are very short.  At least I am caught up on Easy Street.  This week is going to be something different I am sure (hope) no more geese please.


When did I decide not to buy more fabric?  When did I accept the mantra that stash is bad?  Why have I been obeying it?  I wonder if using stash in Pfeffer and turkey and OB and ESQ have made me change my attitude?  Are all these stash buster ladies screwing with my mind?  I like to buy fabric, its fun.  Yep I said it.  That being said, I do have a bunch of stuff I should use.

I want to finish the borders for Taos today.  May draft a PP block for the corners.

Taos + 1st border

Put the first border on Taos this past weekend.  Made the 45 degree cuts on measured pieces and sewed them on with a “y” seam.  Stated cutting out pieces for next border, I think I am ready to be done.  Got some done on Turkey too.  10 blocks are done and 20 more to go.  Also finished pfeffernuesse and lemonade yesterday.  Gave up on baptist fans and just did a meander in the borders.  I left the fans in the one border, looks okay.  Not very square, not noticeably so though.  Must bind and finish, for reals.