Worked on the new taos quilt yesterday.  Got 8 blocks done and 16 wedges for the star.  I prolly could have done 16 more, but I had to keep ripping them out due to upside down and backward pieces.  Cut out fabric for 16 more.   Have to keep them more organized while sewing them together. Glad the fabric is double sided, good for cutting, bad for piecing though.  I’m thinking I might get this done by the time Easy Street starts.  Ha! what about Turkey in the straw that nagging voice says…

List of current works:

  1. Taos
  2. Baltimore Halloween  
  3. Turkey in the straw
  4. pfefferneuse
  5. Autumn memories
  6. poinsettia passion

Quilts that need finishing:

  1. Snowman A to Zzz
  2. Rustic Starrs

Tops to LA

  1. Kansas City
  2. dusty springfield
  3. christmas layer cake
  4. simple pleasures


  1. South American fabric
  2. laundry day in HK
  3. humming birds
  4. creative curves 
  5. Mav’s swamp strips

Wow, 17, that should keep me busy. Umm. right.  Coming up are Easy Street, beer quilt, Shop hop BOM(?) quilt for mom(?)